12Vmonster Lighting Releases 2017 Lighting Guide

(Hong Kong, China)— 12Vmonster Lighting, a premier online retailer and wholesaler of low and line voltage lighting products and accessories, announced the publication of their 2017 Lighting Trend Guide. The guide focuses on helping consumers better understand the shifts in design trends that are likely to happen in 2017 so they can keep their décor up to date. The guide is currently available to customers on the 12Vmonster Lighting blog at

“The lighting industry is becoming more advanced and moving at a faster pace with each passing year. When it comes to both technology and design, new trends are always emerging to make lighting safer and more functional, beautiful, and energy-efficient. We know that it can be difficult for consumers to keep up with the pace of change across the industry, and we’ve released this 2017 trend guide so they can get a glimpse of the direction in which the industry is headed and make informed buying decisions when it comes to their lighting choices,” said Ho Lam of 12Vmonster Lighting.

At customers can see 12Vmonster’s lighting guide for the upcoming year as well as view the products they offer to help their customers stay in line with this year’s trends. The guide encompasses everything from currents and bulbs to fixture colors and aesthetics. Customers on the lookout for hard-to-find halogen bulbs or low / line voltage lighting for their products can find them in the 12Vmonster Lighting store.

As Lam continued, “Our customers have trusted us for years to provide the solar, LED, halogen, and 12-volt lighting solutions they need. We’re well-versed in this industry and have spent a lot of time catering to its twists and turns. We’re here as an expert advisor for customers who want to take advantage of the trends this year and use them to create a space that is both beautiful and functional.”

Customers who are interested in learning more about 12Vmonster Lighting or would like to see their 2017 Lighting Trend Guide can do so at

About 12Vmonster Lighting:

12Vmonster Lighting gives consumers the opportunity to shop from America’s top trusted vendor of 12 volt lighting. At 12Vmonster.com , customers will find a wide variety of low voltage products offered at a value-packed pricing. The site is a one-stop shopping retailer and wholesaler of a wide range of low voltage / line voltage lighting products and accessories. The company’s vision is to engage and help customers world-wide , focusing on cost reduction and carbon reduction through the utilization of LED lighting and transformer-free transmission.

The Beginner’s Guide to Quadcopters

Businesses and consumers are finding ways to how they can utilize drones. From the real estate to an event photography industry and sports, drones are being used for different purposes. There are also some people that are planning to get one for their past time activities. This would be the reason why there have an increase on the demand for drones and thousands of people all over the globe are planning to buy one. But there are various reasons why you should bear in mind prior to going to the market and in making a purchase for it.

One vital consideration that you need to know is about the purpose of its use. For example, when you are planning to use it for recreational purposes, a small and cheap quadcopter is going to be enough. But when you plan to use it for professional aerial photography and videography, you need to consider the more advanced model which is capable in capturing photos in various angles.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when buying drones would be on its machinery. There are in fact different types of drones to which you could find now in the market that has its very own mechanism.

Drones these days are mostly being used for videography and photography. In case you wish to use the drone for this purpose, consider choosing one that has a camera installed.

Battery timing is also of great importance when choosing a drone. Quadcopters or drones will mostly fly around 5 – 15 minutes in a stretch. With bigger batteries, the longer the drone will be able to stay airborne. This actually is why it’s best to choose a drone that comes with a powerful battery.

Some drones these days will usually have about 50 meters of range. This actually is a suitable distance when it comes to taking aerial shots. There are however some more advanced drones these days which are available that has a higher range of distance.

About the spare parts, it is best that you ask the dealer regarding it for you to get the spare parts of your drone. Most of the drones these days have a spare rotor because these parts are mostly fragile and breakdowns if you use it consistently.

The price however is going to be dependent with the type of the drone. If you wanted to buy the most basic model, there’s no need to spend a great deal of money for it.

Drones are truly great investments to have, which is going to depend how you plan to use it and to where you will be using it. When you are going to use it for business, then your investment for it will give you big returns in the near future.